Artisan Breeze is a dream which comes out of the idea of revealing the unique craftsmanship of Anatolian heritage to the world.

The pursuit of relentless search for products that represent thousands of years of Anatolian heritage has been a passion for the founder, interior designer Meltem Yilal. With this in mind she has travelled all around Anatolia, looking for ateliers and artisans, and, started working with them. The collection is a result of these long journeys and she wants to include you into this journey.

The brand has a collection of hand loomed, delicate silk and wool linens has been produced in Hatay region for hundreds of years, silver filigree jewelry from ‘the golden sun city of Mesopotamia’ Mardin, one of a kind ‘İznik Çini’ ceramics inspired by Anatolian civilizations from Byzantine to Ottoman Empire made by talented artisans, hand loomed home textile goods from Antep’s floss silk Kutnu fabric. Embroidered accessories from Turkish women artisans.